In the eighties, I had seven people working for me selling construction equipment to dealers. I would travel with each one in their territory. I learned more from them than they did from me.

I have one particular memory of that time.

Paul represented us in Western New York State. The first time I visited with him he had added a couple stops to our carefully planned agenda. He wanted to take me to see Niagra Falls and to eat chicken wings where they originated at The Anchor Bar in Buffalo. That’s right! Buffalo Wings.

I resisted taking time to do this. I was an all work guy at that stage of my life.

However, Paul persuaded me.  So, I have seen the Falls, and I have had authentic Buffalo Wings!

Those side trips are the only things I remember about my journey.  Moreover, Paul and I got to know each other better which made our working relationship stronger.

Years later, I had the privilege of creating a special memory for someone else. I was attending a conference in Louisville at the Galt House. A friend told me that there was another attendee there who had a fun hobby. As he traveled, he would find out what foods the city was known for and enjoy some. Louisville is known for the Kentucky Hot Brown, and this foodie wanted to try one. My friend knew that I was from Louisville and that I could help.

He came to the right person!

The Kentucky Hot Brown was invented at The Brown Hotel, which was a few blocks from The Galt House. So, with me as our guide, a few of us took a trolley to The Brown Hotel for dinner.

Our out of town guest had what I called the Trifecta.

He experienced a Kentucky Hot Brown, Derby Pie, and a Mint Julep. He was a happy gourmand! I am sure that he still tells that story today, just as I do.

So, this is a tool you can add to your networking and relationship building kit.

Treat your out of town guest to a unique food experience that your area is known for and create a lasting memory.

Pause a moment and think about it. What food experience will you guide a guest to enjoy?

Oh, that sounds good. I wish I could join you!