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Last week I wrote about the Acres of Diamonds talk given over 6,000 times by Russell Conwell.

The point of it was that we sometimes spend time and money journeying far from home to find something that was right under our noses all along. It encouraged us to be alert to the opportunities where we are before we pack up and move on.

There are two opportunities coming up right here in Central Kentucky for people interested in setting themselves up to do what’s next for more success.

On Friday evening, January 19th Tommy Lanham is presenting a Vision Board Workshop.

On Saturday afternoon,  January 20th, Z Newell is presenting a Passion Test Workshop.

We can “get it together” that weekend and be more ready for 2018 and beyond. I will be attending both and I hope to see YOU there!

You can see the details and navigate to the registration sites by visiting their websites at these links:

Tommy’s website is at: https://tommylanham.com/goalgetter2018/ or click TOMMY LANHAM

Z’s website is at: http://znewellinspires.com/ or click Z NEWELL

Here in their own words is information about these programs:

Tommy Lanham

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Z Newell

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