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building confidence and professional presence

“I help people present themselves more confidently and professionally by providing training programs for professional service firms so their members can represent them more effectively,  resulting in better client relationships, more job satisfaction,  and additional business.”

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To Survive and Thrive

Do your firm’s members represent you outside the office? Are they always confident and professional appearing and sounding in those interactions. Do they bring in more clients?

If your firm is going to survive and thrive, you need your members to represent you with professional presence.

The Problems

Many professionals are experts with their content, but they are hesitant about participating in activities outside the office such as networking events and attending conferences, association meetings, and community events.

Some of the people we send out to represent us are not knowledgeable about business etiquette. This can be an embarrassment to them, and to the firm.

Some of our people are introverts who want to be more help with developing business, but they don’t know where to begin to transform into a more effective representative for the firm, and for themselves.

There are many books available about developing confidence, business manners, networking, public speaking, and business development. But who on your team is reading them?

What can you do?

A Solution – A Guide

One solution is a guide to increase the awareness of your staff about the importance of increasing professional presence and to teach the related skills so they can represent the firm and themselves with more confidence and effectiveness, with less stress. I provide programs that will make the difference.

This knowledge and skill will pay off when your team members represent you outside the office. You will maintain the reputation you want and attract more clients because of the confidence and business manners your people display.

I recommend beginning with a one-hour program during a firm retreat or as a program at your office. This program will cover the essentials and make a huge difference, and can conveniently be held on-site during lunch or breakfast.

I provide programs within a 100-mile radius of Lexington, Kentucky, including these cites and those in-between:  Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati, Morehead, Prestonsburg, Corbin, Glasgow, and Elizabethtown.

Call me and let’s discuss how this program might be a good fit for your firm.

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