Hello. I’m Tom Hailey, founder of The Break Out Session


The Good Old Days of Cassette Tapes

I grew up when there were limited ways to hear personal development experts talk about their research and ideas.  We could buy their cassette tapes, and then CDs. Some came to bigger cities and did a speech or workshop. Most of them wrote books.

My favorites of these were  Zig Ziglar, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, Dennis Waitley, Steven Covey, Dr. Joe Vitale, Brian Tracy,  Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale.

Thinking back on all of those hours spent listening to cassette tapes, I now realize I was setting bricks in place that would provide a solid durable wall of inspiration, knowledge, and motivation.

As I drove many miles listening, I dreamed about interviewing these experts on my own radio show. But, I didn’t have a radio show!

I would also have interesting and meaningful conversations with fascinating people and think how valuable and fun it would have been if that could have been recorded and shared with others.

I really wanted my own radio show!


Now, we have audio and video podcasts, YouTube and Vimeo video programs, blogging, and online courses.

I enjoy all of those platforms to learn about people’s work and discover how I can use those same success habits and processes.

My Dream Come True

Online technology has made my dream of being a show host come true. (Have I mentioned that I wanted my own radio show?)

I’ve started The Break Out Session project to explore how people achieve beneficial results.

I do that through podcasts, video, and blogging.


I also provide workshops where  I provide training on topics related to confidence, public speaking, and professional presence.

I became interested in those topics and in teaching through my work experiences.

My business development career in architecture, engineering, construction, precast concrete manufacturing and construction equipment businesses caused me to attend many workshops, seminars, and conferences.

The connections made and the lessons learned at those events inspired me from the time I attended my first breakout session. 

As my career developed, I enjoyed being a participant, or the presenter or the meeting planner.

While interacting with others in those three roles, I noticed that many of us could benefit from improving our effectiveness and comfort in group settings such as networking events, and when we have the opportunity to stand up and say a few words.

So, I’ve produced workshops to address those issues. Details about them are on the Speaking page.

My Experiences

I had the honor of organizing, emceeing, and speaking at annual and quarterly conferences for a:

  • power equipment company
  • structural engineers association
  • design/build association
  • regional precast concrete manufacturers association

I still provide continuing education programs for architects, delivering over forty programs a year.

I understand what meeting planners want from their break-out-session presenters.

As a member of Toastmasters International, I earned the DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) status.

I am a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Effective Speaking course and the Dale Carnegie Sales Course. After graduating, I assisted with course instruction as a Graduate Assistant and Group Leader.

Professional Memberships

I am a member of the National Speakers Association and the NSA Kentucky chapter.

I am also a member of the ATD Kentuckiana chapter and serve as the membership chair for the ATD Bluegrass Geographic Interest Group.

That’s a little bit about me.  I invite you to tell a little about you on our  Facebook page for The Break Out Session.

Tom Hailey