How to Listen

Audio Player – You can listen with the Audio Player that is on this website’s Podcast page. It works on the computer, phone or tablet. Click on the featured image, or the show title or the words “read more,” and the episode blog page will appear. Click on the arrow on the audio player.

Or you can use podcast apps.

iPhone – the iPhone has a built-in podcast app.   Click on it, and enter The Break Out Session in the Search box.

Android – you can download free podcast apps from the Google Play store.

I use Pocket Casts.

Other excellent android apps are:   Stitcher or Google Play Music or BeyondPod or Podcast Addict or TuneIn Radio.

Enter The Break Out Session Podcast in the Search box on these apps.

iTunes – You can Subscribe and listen through iTunes. New episodes will automatically be detected and downloaded to your iTunes library.

Here is how

Open iTunes.   Click on iTunes Store.   Click on Podcasts.   Key in The Break Out Session in the Search box on the top right of your screen.   Click to search.

The show page will appear. Click on the Subscribe button under the show logo.   Navigate to your iTunes Podcast Library.   The show will appear there and recent episodes will download.

Another method is to:    Open iTunes then Click on:   File >Subscribe to Podcast

and then copy and paste the show’s Feed into the box and click OK.

Here is the show’s Feed URL:    

This Feed URL can also be entered into some Android podcast apps to Subscribe if searching for The Break Out Session doesn’t work.

What is a podcast feed?

A podcast Feed is a URL to an RSS (rich site summary) in XML format. RSS is a technology for announcing updates to a website, and XML is a format for creating content on the Internet.

Car Hookup – One of my favorite places to listen to podcasts is in my car.

I connect my Android phone to the radio system by connecting a 1/8” TRS x 1/8” TRS cable from my phone to the Aux jack on my dashboard and set the radio to Auxiliary. You can find that cable on Amazon or B & H Audio Video.

Your car audio system might allow you to stream content directly to the system through a Bluetooth connection without a wired hookup.

Happy Listening!