Have you seen those short videos on social media that show people in a coffee shop with a conversation bubble above their heads showing what they are concerned about at that time?

Their point is that we are all dealing with issues, and many are serious.

The person standing next to us might be just holding on.  And slipping.

That person who is driving a little too fast, weaving in and out of traffic, wanting to pass you, might be trying to get to the hospital to see someone in crisis.

How about the person who is sitting quietly on a bench, looking to be in despair, and not returning your greeting?

Or the concerned and worn-down looking parent.

Maybe you have been in one of those scenes yourself. I have been. What would the bubble above your head have said?

What does it say right now?

From my experience, I think we are often on a continuum ranging from despair to hope.

We all have times when we need someone to simply be kind.

We need some space, some consideration, a nice word, a helpful hand including maybe even a sharing some time or other resources, or forgiveness and understanding for being less than 100%.

We can easily become self-absorbed and not express the empathy and consideration we ourselves need from time to time.

So, my takeaway for this week, for myself, is to be kind more often to more people.

It might make a difference that can help someone move from despair toward hope.

And it might come back around right when I need it.

I have hope that it will.