I am in cafés and coffee shops a lot. I think I am noticing a change of behavior by many other people there.

For a few years it seemed that many, or most, people were staring at their phones or tablets and not talking with the people next to them.

Now I am noticing more people engaged with one another.

Sure, phones and tablets are in sight, and some people are glancing at them, but for most, more eye contact and conversation is happening. This seems to be true of all age groups.

I even see people who have books open on the table, and they are discussing them. Real print books!

Have you noticed the same thing?

Could it be that we are beginning to rediscover the value of in-person conversation?

I am not a trained trend spotter, but I do believe there is something to this. I sure hope so.

Conversation is music to me.

If you like it too, let’s not let our electronic devices stand in our way of quality engagement.

However, when we are alone at the gym, on a walk, driving, or taking a break from people, there is a way we can use our devices for hearing the music of conversation. That is by listening to podcasts.

I will post the next episode of my podcast on Saturday, December 9th.

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But please don’t let listening to others talk take the place of in-person meet-ups for you and your friends.

Stay connected! It matters.