Guest Blogger Invitation

Do you have a thought, idea, notion, concept, belief, theory, or inspiration worth sharing, spreading, broadcasting or publishing?

(You’re right. I found the Thesaurus button!)

Does it relate to The Break Out Session’s purpose?

That purpose is to explore ways to increase our confidence, connection, and professional presence.

I am considering opening up my platform to guest bloggers for some niche topics related to that purpose.

I’m thinking a written post should be five hundred words or less.

I can also post video blogs.  Those should probably be five minutes or less.

These would not be sales pitches. However, your introduction could contain brief information about your business and how to contact you.

This Break Out Session adventure is an experiment, and I’m exploring ways to add more value.

Let Me Know

If you are interested in participating as a guest blogger, let me know.

If you have a suggestion for a topic, let me know that too, and I’ll try to find a guest blogger to cover it.

And finally, you are invited to recommend a guest blogger.

My email is