Conciseness is not my superpower. Sometimes I use four sentences instead of one.

I also have a talent for saying the same thing twice, just with slightly different words.  I’ll just repeat the same thing. There, I did it again.

Maybe you occasionally fluff up your writing.

Here in Lexington, Kentucky we have a valuable asset for writers and readers. It is the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning.

The Executive Director is Neil Chethik.

Neil also writes a column named Grammar Gourmet for Business Lexington.

In a recent issue, he wrote about how we can make our writing more concise, and to the point, and less wordy. Oops.

I encourage you to study what he wrote, and streamline your writing and speaking. I am.

You can find the article by clicking HERE. It’s brief.

The website for The Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning is HERE.