“Tom loved Grippo BBQ potato chips, diet Ale 8 soft drinks, and Skyline Chili Coney Dogs with Cheese and Onions, and he often had remnants of them on his shirt. Bless his heart.”



Have you thought about what your legacy will be? What will be said during your eulogy?

What will people say about you at your visitation and over punch after your service?

These are not things I had thought about, until now.

Now, I’m working on writing what I’d like my legacy to be, and what I’d love to be said during my eulogy.

The opening sentence above was my first thought, and could be said by my closest friends and family. I’m working to improve on it.

You are welcome to Laugh Out Loud!

I’m not writing my eulogy because I am ill. Fortunately, as far as I know, I am not.

Living Forward

I’m working through the exercises in the book Living Forward written by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy.

The subtitle for Living Forward is “A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life You Want.”

Seth Godin says it is “A step-by-step approach to one of life’s greatest challenges.”

The process begins with considering what we want our legacy and eulogy to be. Then we note where we are now regarding those, and recognize the gap.

From there we decide:

  • what our priorities are
  • what our top nine “life accounts” are
  • defining a purpose for each one
  • envisioning the future we want for each account
  • selecting an inspiring quote for each account
  • determining our current reality or balance in each account
  • making specific commitments to close the gap


That’s the beginning.

Once all that is in writing, the book guides us through how-to processes to make it happen.

The website for the book provides downloads of worksheets we can use as guides.

So far, I like the process and see the value in it.

I’m also enjoying discussing it with certified life coach, Tommy Lanham.

The website for Living Forward is at www.LivingForwardBook.com

Tommy Lanham’s site is at www.tommylanham.com

I recommend the book, and Tommy.

In closing, if you know the best way to get chili and BBQ potato chip dust off a shirt, let me know.