So, here we are!

This is the first interview show on The Break Out Session Podcast. I’m Tom Hailey, the show host.

Here we explore ways to increase our confidence, connection, and professional presence so we can achieve more, faster, with less stress.

One discovery method we use is having conversations with achievers.

Z Newell

Z Newell

In this episode, I interview Z Newell.

Z is a certified Passion Test Facilitator, coach, author, and speaker.

His business is called A Passion Powered Life.

He’s been on a journey from being completely paralyzed, on a respirator and uncertain about his recovery, to nailing his magnificence.

His passion is to inspire Magnificence in people’s lives and work by offering guidanceĀ to clarity and connection with our passions and purpose.

I thought we would talk for about forty minutes, but we could have continued on for hours!

Z takes his audiences and clients on a journey to a Life on Fire!

Many of us struggle to uncover exactly what we want to be doing with our time and energy. We lose sight of the interests that we were passionate about in another season of our lives. Some of us feel we need “permission” to pursue our dreams.

Z has helped me with getting the clarity I needed. Maybe this conversation will help you.

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His business website, The Passion Powered Life atĀ

The Mankind Project at

Liz Violet Newell’s website at

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