I did something last week that I haven’t done in a long time. I hand wrote a thank-you note, addressed an envelope, put a stamp on it, and mailed it at the Post Office. Well, actually, my wife stamped and mailed it. So, it did get mailed.

Have you ever gone out of your way to do something for someone related to business and…crickets?

They don’t say “thank you” in person, send a thank you note, or even an email?

What did you think or feel?

Have you ever done something for someone, and received a hand written thank-you note?

What did that gesture make you think or feel? You might even still have the note in a shoe box or drawer somewhere.

Besides it being the right thing to do, being on top of our Thank You game can help us stand out as being more professional and increase our connection with others.

I am only thinking about professional protocol issues related to business. It gets more involved with dealing with social activities such as weddings, graduations, church activities, entertaining at home, and so on.

For business, it is not that difficult.

If you are behind on your thank-you game, keep it simple and begin with just that. Find a way to say thank-you when someone does something with you in mind in an individual personal way.

Maybe they made a connection for you with a potential customer, bought your lunch, recommended a book, sent you a condolence message, sent you a gift, connected with you on LinkedIn, or complimented you on the presentation they heard you give.

Okay. Maybe you are not ready to buy thank-you cards and stamps and handwrite a note.

Try to offer your thanks in person. If that is not possible, call them.

If you get voice mail, leave a brief thank-you message, and then send an email.

If you suspect that they are the type of person who does not like phone calls, then just send a thank you email.

Later, you can step up your game with a card and come off as even more professional and memorable.

For now, let’s just begin with making an effort. It is hard to be wrong by saying thank you in any manner.

We probably did all learn that in Kindergarten.

My guess is that once we, you and I, begin to make the effort we will like the outcome, and get even better at it.

To conclude, I thank YOU for reading this blog post.

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